What kind of bats are the rings made of?

We have an extensive collection of game used bats. You have the choice of picking between Maple and Ash bats. 

What is the turnaround time on an order?

Typically about 7-10 business days

Can I send in a bat that has sentimental value?

Absolutely, I love making rings for people that have a special connection to a bat that may have been used by a loved one. How can you not be romantic about baseball?

What color stains do you offer?

OOTPR offers a variety of different stains that highlight the grain of the wood. Bombay Mahogany, Oak Gloss, Pecan Gloss, Espresso, Natural w/ clear coat, flame tempered.

Can the rings be subjected to the elements?

Each ring is finished with a protective coat of polyurethane finish to help keep your ring safe from moisture and sunlight.

Can I wash my hands with my ring on?

I would advise against it.  If you have to, dry your hands and the ring off as quickly and as best you can

Is there a warranty for each ring?

I can’t guarantee that your ring will last forever, keep in mind that it was once a big piece of wood and now it’s a smaller piece of wood.  What I can guarantee is that you will have two free replacements, just pay for the shipping costs for your replacement.

Will my ring be the same color as the bat it was made from?

No, once the ring is shaped it will look as natural as it did before it was painted by the bat manufacturer.


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